Writing In Style prides itself on its ability to be competitively priced. However I cannot guarantee to be the cheapest. I am always sceptical about companies that sell any items where they have no profit from the sale. As a small enterprise I need to ensure that I cover my costs and ultimately make a profit. I always endeavour to ensure that the items I sell are value for money and that the price of the item is reflected in the quality.

One of my suppliers has a quote on his website that illustrates the Writing In Style view on pricing.

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey.” - John Ruskin 1819-1900.

Thanks Vince (www.theturnersworkshop.co.uk)

About Us

Writing In Style is a business started in 2010. My aim is to provide customers with unique writing instruments. Everything I do is driven by the requirements of the customer. The most important thing to me is that when you purchase one of my pens you walk away happy.

My name is Dave Murphy. All pens/pencils are handmade and hand finished by me. I have been working with wood for about 11 years now and have produced everything from pens and pencils through to beds and kitchen cabinets.

Writing In Style  is a member of the UK Association of Penturners and also the International Association of Penturners.


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What We Do

All of our pens or pencils are made from a high quality components. The main body of the pen/pencil is made from either wood or a man made product (acrylic,acrylester or some other specialist material). The main body is turned on a lathe down to the appropriate size for the pen/pencil. It is then sanded and polished to a wonderful shine (I do not use a CA glue finish on wood as I find that it makes the pen feel as though it is made out of plastic). The pen/pencil is then assembled and any mechanisms fully checked.

Fountain Pens in our executive range are delivered with a Piston Style Ink Pump where available whereas others will be provided with a cartridge. The cartridge will never be pushed in so as not to clog up the pen and to remove the chances of leaks during transit.

Finally the pen will go through a quality check to ensure that there are no issues with it. Although these checks will flag up most issues allowing them to be rectified before delivery there may be occasions where a problem may show up after delivery. Every pen has a 6 month warranty so just let us know what the problem is and we’ll get it fixed for you.

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All payments are made via Paypal. This protects both seller and buyer. No paypal account is required when purchasing.


Terms & Conditions

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