Pen Type

  1. -Fountain Pen

  2. -Rollerball

Available Platings

  1. -Gold Titanium/Platinum

Fountain Pen Attributes

  1. -Medium Schmidt two-tone iridium point nib.

  2. -Designed to use Parker Quink Ink Cartidges

Rollerball Pen Attributes

  1. -Standard Rollerball provided

  2. -Schmidt Rollerball refill available

Sizes (D) x (L) in mm

  1. -Fountain Pen - 16.5 x 143

Blossom Pen


The Blossom is a elegant and beautifully crafted pen. It’s gold accents around the base, centre and cap puts this in a class of it’s own. It’s cross design on the caps finishes off a truly magnificent design.

The Rollerball pen uses a standard rollerball refill with a Schmidt Rollerball refill available as an option.

The Fountain pen currently only uses Parker Quink ink cartridges available either from Writing In Style  or from any major stationers.

Our Blossom pens are normally made to order but occasionally we have specials on our specials pages in the online store. These are normally made with very special woods that are over and above our normal range. Please take a look to see what is immediately available.

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Prices From £95
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Blossom with Olive Soap Stone

Blossom with Olivewood