Satin Comfort with Wood Blank (Cocobolo)


The standout design of this Comfort Twist Pen will make it one of your favourites. It uses the same components of the slimline range except for a wider centre band and a silicone comfort grip. The pen can come with or without the grip. Please use the additional requirements field when ordering your pen.


Comfort Pen

Pen Type

  1. -Ballpoint

  2. -Pencil

Platings Available

  1. -Rhodium      

  2. -24kt Gold

  3. -Brushed Satin

  4. -Black Enamel


  1. -Parker type refill

Sizes (D) x (L) in mm

  1. -Pen - 12 x 130

  2. -Pencil - 12 x 143

Chrome Comfort with Wood Blank (Olivewood)

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Satin Comfort with Acrylic Blank (Ocean Mist)