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Currently Available Pens - Page 3


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The following are pens that have already been made and are available for sale. Click on any of the pictures to zoom in.

Any pen on these pages can be reproduceable in alternative woods or acrylics. All pens are shipped in a velvet pouch and if it is an executive pen (excluding Diva and Majestic Squire) you will also receive a suitable case for the size of pen. Don’t forget to look at our upgrade options for cases by visiting our Accessories section.




Roupala Lacewood

Fools Gold

Black Palmira


Pink Ivory

Comfort Ballpoint Pen

The standout design of this Comfort Pen will make it one of your favourites. It uses the same components of the slimline range except for a wider centre band and a silicone comfort grip.

Easy to hold and use for long periods this is one of the most comfortable pens there is.

Available here in a Chrome or a brushed satin finish.

All of these pens accept a standard Cross refill.

Teachers Ballpoint Pen

The Teacher twist pen is a special pen. Designed with teachers in mind the pen comes with two distinct personalities. One light and one dark with black ink at one end and red ink at the other.

Useful for marking those test papers. The ends of the pen are made from Bog Oak providing the black end and Purple Heart providing the red end. The centre piece is where the variety comes.

All of these pens accept a specialised teachers pen refill which can be purchased here.

Vertex Ballpoint Pen

The Vertex click pen with it’s unusual design is a beautiful pen to use. It’s hexagonal design - reminiscent of  a nut - pitches it toward the more mechanically minded. The soft click mechanism is a real joy and shows off the quality to it’s fullest.

All of these pens accept a standard Parker refill.


Tiger Myrtle