Pen Type

  1. -Fountain Pen

Available Platings

  1. -22kt Gold/Rhodium

Fountain Pen Attributes

  1. -Medium Schmidt two-tone iridium point nib.

Sizes (D) x (L) in mm

  1. -Fountain Pen - 16.5 x 143

Special Order Only

Emperor Pen


Celebrate Asian style and flair with the Emperor Rollerball or Fountain Pen. Designed to please the most discriminating pen collector, the Emperor pen features four unique hand carved patterns found on the ends, clip and accent rings.

Hand cast, polished then plated with precious 22k Gold or Black Titanium, these stunning decorative inlays are encompassed throughout by Rhodium plated fittings. The Emperor Pen exudes quality and elegance unmatched by any other pen. Attention is paid to the very smallest detail during the production of this magnificent pen with each component hand checked for proper fit and finish before assembly.

Rollerball pens are fitted with high quality German made Schmidt® or Hauser® refills that are readily available world wide.

Fountain pens are fitted with piston style converters for use with bottled ink, or can be used with disposable cartridges such as those produced by Private Reserve®, Noodlers®, Diamine®, Sailor® and Montblanc® among many others.

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