Pen Type

  1. -Fountain Pen

  2. -Rollerball

Available Platings

  1. -Gold

  2. -Chrome

Fountain Pen Attributes

  1. -Medium iridium point nib.

Sizes (D) x (L) in mm

  1. -Fountain Pen - 13 x 130

  2. -Rollerball Pen - 13 x 130

Sedona Pen


The Sedona pen is a fine looking pen. The rounded ends, gracefully flared clip and striking center band of this pen combine for a striking appearance. The twelve-faceted nib gives the look of changing shades as light reflects from the angled surfaces. Overall closed length approx. 130mm. Durable plated finish.

The centreband on this pen has a floral design similar to that of the Elegant Sierra pen.

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Gold Sedona Fountain pen with Barrier Reef Acrylic

Gold Sedona Fountain pen with Red Mallee